Yo, American sports fans!

Philly fans are devout… they boo referees, opposing teams, other fans and even their own teams when they are underperforming. They can be “unwelcoming” or “intolerant” to visitors at their home fields and arenas. Heck, a couple of them threw snowballs at Santa several years ago and a few recently punched a policeman’s horse.

You hate them. They understand. But deep down, “youse” (pronounced yewz) would really like to be one of them. Youse

  • delight in the antics of their mascots
  • purchase Philly team gear
  • idolize Philly’s star players
  • visit the City of Brotherly Love
  • admire Philly’s beautiful stadiums and arenas
  •  respect Philly’s teams and their organizations

Philly is a city of winners whose fans are extremely knowledgeable and passionate. They define the term fanatics.

Perhaps they take cheering for their team or against an opponent to an extreme so what? Youse hate them. They get it. But don’t youse forget, #IHatePhillyFans

Here is your chance to let the world know how you feel. State your case. ihatephillyfans.com is here to assist you.

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